Seasonal Affective Disorder – How Weather Can Effect Your Mood

For many, especially in the Northern part of the US, this is the time of year when the weather keeps us indoors and less active.  The cold weather and the lack of sunlight can often lead to depressive symptoms for many.  Just a few days without the usual sunny weather either due to rain or just overcast skies and many find themselves feeling “the blah’s”.   For some, this depressive mood remains for several weeks without a break.  This can be very difficult and cause a variety of problems.  For other’s it is temporary and often subsides when the weather turns nice and they are able to experience their usual activities with positive results.  The American Psychological Association has a very good article that explains this as Seasonal Affective Disorder.  It highlights the myths and realities of this real disorder and gives information on what researchers have found and implemented to help those who suffer from this seasonal affliction.