Dr. Wolman offers each individual personal contact from the initial phone call. She will return your phone calls and emails on a timely basis. Many of her patients comment on how pleasantly surprised they were to speak directly to her when they called. Dr. Wolman is very happy to answer any questions you may have.  If she is unable to help you at the time of your inquiry, she will help you find the most appropriate provider and level of care for your needs.

Call Dr. Wolman at: (407) 493-4045 
E-mail Dr. Wolman at: info [at] karenwolmanpsyd [dot] com

  • Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed when contacting via e-mail.
  • Please indicate the name of your insurance company in your e-mail or voicemail.
  • You may leave detailed information on my confidential voicemail.
  • Cancellations only via voice mail.  Please do not email cancellations.

If you have a general question please visit the FAQs page or use the email form below:

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