Cut Thanksgiving Stress in Four Easy Steps

The holidays are supposed to be a welcome break from the stresses of work. However, for some who are returning home to break bread with their families, often find themselves frustrated and stressed as they attempt to deal with family issues and old dysfunctional patterns of behavior.  Holidays can also be difficult for an individual who has lost a family member or whose family or a support network is far away.  Link to the article.

The economy is still trying to recover and for many, the holidays are an in your face reminder that budgets are still tight and gift giving is difficult.  The holidays are also a difficult time for those trying to manage their weight.  Trying to say no to Aunt Jenny’s apple pie can be quite difficult when trying to count carbs especially when you know she makes great pies. A  recent article published by  the American Psychological Association has helpful holiday tips for parents with young children and those watching their waist lines. Link to the article.